Author Week: “Lemonade Stand Selling” – Diane Helbig

Lemonade Stand Selling: Accelerate Your Small Business Growth 

Diane Helbig

(Author’s Note:  Diane is a local author I met at a networking event and earlier this year I attended a workshop where she was a presenter.)

“You will realize as you read through this book, sales is simple.  As simple as having a lemonade stand and selling your lemonade.”

Diane Helbig

That is the premise behind “Lemonade Stand Selling.”  Diane breaks down the sales process using easy to understand language with a conversational tone.

Now you are probably thinking “I am not a traveling salesperson selling copiers or widgets, so why should I get this book?”  Well if you are in career transition – you are selling yourself.  If you are employed – you must sell yourself everyday to keep your job.


Diane’s goal in writing the book is:

“… to leave you with the ability to put these ideas into practice and create a strategy that works for you.”

(pg xviii)

She accomplishes her goal by simplifying the sales process and using down to earth language.

Beginning The Process

There is one crucial thing you must have to be successful in sales:

“…a belief in yourself and your product or service.”

(pg xix)

This applies no matter what product or service you are selling and whether it is a company you own or the company where you are employed.  Without this belief you will never succeed in selling anything.

In transition you are selling yourself as the solution to a potential employer’s problem.  If you do not believe in yourself and what you can bring to the company, you will not get hired.

Topics Covered

Diane starts with a chapter on identity, Clarity, and Value and walks you all the way through the process, including chapters on Marketing and Networking, and ends with chapter 11 “Review” in which she hits highlights from the sales process.

Helpful Quotes

Here are two more of my favorite quotes:

“Action cures a lot of things – fear, anxiety, inertia, etc.  So give yourself a nudge, a push – however slight.”

(page 78)

“There is an overriding topic throughout this book, and it is that sales is about relationships.  It’s about the relationship you have with your company, your clients, your prospects, and your network.” 

(pg 86)

Final Thoughts

The book is helpful whether you are a beginner or experienced sales person.  It is well written and belongs in everyone’s library.

Thank you Diane for taking what is a scary subject for most people and making it easy and simple to put into action.

So let your action, your nudge or push be to buy this book.  It is available on Amazon.  You can find out more about Diane and her business coaching products and services at Seize This Day Coaching. 

(Disclaimer:    The above links are  not affiliate links.  I have not received any compensation in exchange for this review.)