6 + 2 Attributes That Make Michele A Good Social Media Manager

This article was inspired by “6 Must-Have Attributes of Social Media Mangers.” 

I read Entrepreneur.com’s article and realized I possess the same attributes.  So here are the attributes mentioned in the article as they apply to me.

“Naturally curious”

  • This is why I read a lot.  Whether it is books, magazines or online articles, I am always reading something.  I need to keep learning and not just about grief and/or social media, but about staying positive, faith, religion and life in general.
  • It is also in part why I started blogging.  I knew something besides my contact information needed to be on my business cards and was curious how hard it would be to blog and if I could keep blogging for at least a year.

“Writes Conversationally”

  • Formal writing and I are not compatible.  One my required college classes was “Argumentation” and we had to write a non-legal brief.  For 12 weeks I banged my head against my dorm room wall trying to figure out the format and how to write with a professional tone.  UGH!!!
  • Even in high school writing a thesis for English class my senior year was very frustrating.

“Operates with a sense of urgency”

  • My background is collections and as a collector I was instructed to convey urgency to customers regarding their past due accounts.
  • The sense of urgency became especially intense the last week of the month when I was trying to bring accounts current before we wrote them off as a bad debt.

“Understands business related goals

  • Every day I look at page views (9,100+), number of subscribers (52), and the countries where my readers live. (Canada, Ukraine, Indonesia etc…)  As I look at these numbers, I see how close I am to 60 subscribers and 10,000 page views by November 1st, and figure out how to reach my goals sooner.
  • “She is cognizant of the forces which drive delinquency and foreclosure.”  That is a quote from one of my reviews.  Not only did I understand what was driving delinquency and what our monthly goals were, I communicated them to my team members.

“Seeks input from others”

  • As an assistant manager, I held meetings to hear the different issues my team faced when trying to collect a debt.
  • This blog would not be what it is without advice from my readers, who gladly supplied recipes for last year’s “40 Days of Joy” and this summer’s “Swinging Summer Saturday’s and Sunday’s” series, in addition to comments about the design and article ideas.

“Respects confidentiality”

  • Customer confidentiality was a way of life at the bank. Every year we had to go through privacy training and take an online test.
  • When I started blogging I had to wrestle with how to do this and respect Joe and his family’s privacy.  It was tough but I eventually figured it out.

 2 Additional Attributes

Able To Learn By Doing

  • Many social media managers are either self-taught or mostly self-taught.  The same is true with me.  There was some help along the way but most of my knowledge came through playtime on various sites.
  • There are a lot of people who are afraid to try new things and get outside their comfort zone. While I might be uncomfortable stepping outside my zone, I do it.  For example, this post was not easy nor comfortable for me to write because I am tooting my own horn which is difficult for us flute players.

Develop Relationships

  • Blogging has provided me the opportunity to develop virtual relationships with people from around the world. It has been a wonderful experience and fun to learn about each other via the comments.
  • Since engaging with customers via social media is so new, a Social Media Manager needs experience developing relationships. A career developing relationships in the retail, banking and collection industries indicates I am flexible and can learn what it takes to be a success in any industry.

Well there you have it a total of 8 reasons why I am a good Social Media Manager.

Just imagine what I can do for your company.    

Bio: Michele Kearns is an expert on grief and widowhood having lived through 10,000+ hours as a widow.  She is becoming an expert on blogging and other forms of social media because of her ability to learn by doing and attending online webinar’s.  She can be reached at Michele dot Kearns at joyreturns.com with questions, requests for interviews, or blog consulting.  Michele has a B.A. in Rhetoric & Communications (emphasis on public speaking) from Kent State University.