New Additions

Hello.  No long, deep, thought provoking post today.  Just a quickie to update you about 2 new pages installed late last night.  Both are located in the top menu.


FAQS contains answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to grief and widowhood.  New questions and answers will occasionally be added.

If you have questions about grief and/or widowhood you would like to see answered, please email me at michele dot kearns at

In The News

In The News contains the link for the Cleveland Business Connections Magazine’s article about me and JoyReturns.  Links to other news articles will be posted on this page.

Have a Happy Hump Day,


Bio: Michele Kearns is an expert on grief and widowhood having lived through 10,000+ hours as a widow.  She is becoming an expert on blogging and other forms of social media because of her ability to learn by doing and attending online webinar’s.  Michele can be reached at Michele dot Kearns at with questions, requests for interviews, or blog consulting. Michele has a B.A. in Rhetoric & Communications (emphasis on public speaking) from Kent State University.