Michele’s 2 Biggest Job Search Fears

My friend JT O’Donnell  at Careerealism.com and CareerHMO.com started a new job search program called JSAP.  You can find out more about it here.

Day 1

I watched the Day 1 video and in it she suggests job seekers make a list of their fears.  Well since authenticity and vulnerability are the new buzzwords, I will reveal my top 2 fears:

Not being a perfect match for a company.

That all I’ve learned about grief, job searching and social media will have been in vain.


All my life, I have been the oddball, the odd man out or just plain odd.  It was always obvious that I never fit in whether it was with a group of friends in school or in the different companies I’ve worked for during my career.

Even at the bank, I knew I was not a perfect fit for that organization.  But by the grace of God, I managed to survive a couple reorganizations and collect enough money to keep management happy for 13 years.

“The Age Of Aquarius”

I attribute the feeling of not fitting in with being an Aquarian as Joe felt the same way.  He only fit in well enough but was not a perfect fit.

Guess that is why it hurt so much when he moved to heaven.  The one person who related to how I felt was gone.

“You’re So Vain”

There is so much knowledge floating around in my head about grief, job searching, blogging and other forms of social media.  I pray I can find a job where this knowledge is put to good use and not go to waste.  It would be a shame if all  I’ve learned is in vain.

But Wait!…There’s More

There is more to Day 1 of the JSAP course but I will not reveal it.  You will just have to click here and sign up to receive the information.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to “Storm The Bastille!!” (this is my mantra for 2012 – I told you I am odd.)                     😉

Coming tomorrow – Creating Options

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