“Behind Every Cloud There Is A Silver Lining”

I have a fascination with the sky.  It seems bluer, the clouds whiter and very 3-D.  This fascination has been going on for months.  I thank God every time the sky looking exceptionally amazing.

While on the way home from church Saturday night, I once again noticed the beautiful sky even though most of the clouds were dark.  I had to take a picture and happened to have my camera in the trunk, so I pulled into a gas station and got my camera.

The shot I wanted to get required me to kneel down on the yellow line in the road, not a very smart idea on a heavily traveled street.   So I went to the local abandoned strip mall and took numerous pictures from their parking lot.

The size of the dark clouds reminded me of the alien ships from “Independence Day.”  They were beautiful and majestic even though dark and held the threat of rain.  Part of what made them beautiful was the silver (or in this case-gold) lining caused by the setting sun.   It was then I knew I had to do a post about problems and silver linings.

There are many times in life the dark clouds of grief, divorce, or unemployment invade but no matter how many times the clouds appear, there is always a silver or gold lining.   The lining is always there you just have to look for it.  Sometimes your vantage point allows you to see the lining very soon after clouds appear.  Then there are times the cloud is so massive, it takes a while for it to move enough so the lining is visible.

Never give up on one day being able to see the silver lining.

“You cry a little and then you wait for the sun to come out, it always does.”


Julie Andrews

“The Sound of Music”