The Main Reason A Christian’s Faith Needs Built Up

A while ago I wrote an article entitled “Why Christians Faith Sometimes Needs Built Up.”  I realized today I ignored the most important reason why a Christians faith needs reinforced.

In the previous article I stated the reason was “because they are human.”   Being a Christian does not mean you are perfect.  It simply means you have accepted Jesus as your lord and savior, seek to have a deeper relationship with him and follow his teachings.  Some days you will succeed other days you will fail, because you are imperfect.

However, being human is only the secondary reason Christians faith needs built up.  The number one reason is:

Because they are Cleveland Browns fans.

Now if you are a Cleveland Browns fan, no further explanation is needed because you get it.

If you are not a Browns fan let me explain.

  • The Browns love playing musical quarterbacks.
  • They have a weak or non-existent front line.
  • Have not won a home opener since 2004.
  • When they have the lead in the 4th quarter, guaranteed they will let it slip away and lose the game.

Life as a Cleveland Browns fan is tough, heck being a fan of any Cleveland sports team is tough.  No wonder a Christian’s sometimes needs built up.

(FYI – it is perfectly acceptable for me to criticize and make fun of my team, but don’t YOU dare pick on them.)