What I Do Best

Problem solving – that is the skill I do the best.

I know it is bad me to associate myself with this phrase but it is what I am and it is my legacy.

What You Need To Remember About Problem Solving

The thing with problem solvers is we help people.  When did helping people become a bad thing?

Joe’s Legacy

Joe left behind a legacy of “MKITWRK” (Make It Work or Make IT Work –since he was a LAN Administrator)

Guess that is why Joe and I made a good team, with both made things work.  Only in my case I call it problem solving.


In the past I:

  • Helped customers pick out outfits and accessorize them.  Even had one woman come in and want the entire outfit on a mannequin I dressed, which meant I had to show her how to tie a scarf.
  • Assisted customers with choosing which savings accounts was best for their needs, this included basic savings, certificates of deposit and IRA’s.
  • Create new repayment plans designed to get customers out of collections.  For example make ½ payment every payday for 2 months and then possibly skip-a-payment because something coming in is better than nothing.


Now I:

  • Help people get through their grief journey by co-facilitating a GriefShare support group and articles on this blog.
  • Post pictures of Ohio on OgleOhio.com to those who might never come to Ohio and give fellow resident’s ideas of places to visit.
  • Provide quick and easy ideas for appetizers, dinner and side dishes by selling Tastefully Simple.
  • Consult with people and/or companies who want to advice on blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…

“Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss”

I am still doing what I do best, it’s just the problems are different now than a few years ago. But they are still problems, and  I still figure out a way to solve them.

Problem Solving is my legacy.