Welcome To Orientation Day

Hello and welcome to JoyReturns. Hopefully you had a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend.

CBC Magazine

About a month ago I made the announcement that Cleveland Business Connections Magazine was doing an article on me and this blog.  The article was published on September 1st and when you click here you will be redirected to their site.  A special thank you to Pamela Willits for writing a wonderful article.

1st Day Here

For those of you coming from the article,

thank you for visiting my blog.

Here is what you can expect.

There are posts Monday through Friday pertaining to widowhood, extended unemployment and various recent adventures. Weekend Wisdom posts are back from their summer vacation and will now consist of 2 inspirational quotes, poems or scriptures.

Where To Begin

Click on the “Start Here” page in the upper menu.  You will find a list some of my best and/or most unique posts.  If you need a laugh to begin this week, just click on Garlic, Grief and Hemorrhoids link.  It is quickie story about how God got me out of my “funk” the day my step-sister and I cleaned out Dad’s apartment after his passing.

Where To End

End your time here by signing up for email updates from this blog and for Joyful Jems newsletter published every Wednesday afternoon.  It is a little dose of humor and/or inspiration to get you through the week.


Enjoy your time here today and come back tomorrow when you will learn about the one skill I do best.

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