Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – Michele Loses Rommie’s Balls

Good Monday Morning.   Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend. There is another special post over at OgleOhio.com today

Yesterday’s Adventure

Our adventure yesterday was playing tennis outside and setting up Rommie’s swimming pool.  We played for about an hour and then came in because of the heat.  Rommie does have 2 fur coats and running around in 80+ degree weather makes for  a very hot dog.


It was during our playtime that I put not one but 2 tennis balls in the woods behind the fence.  When balls go over the fence, I use Joe’s ball retriever to get them back.   They are apparently buried in bushes because I could not see them.  I did however see one of Joe’s golf balls.  It under some vines but still visible.

What This Means

My getting two balls over the fence today means Rommie only has 7 balls to play with instead of 9, poor baby.           😉

Rommie spent the rest of the afternoon zonked out on either the couch or the hardwood floor.  She even slept 22 minutes past dinner time.  Normally she pesters me to feed her 4o minutes early.

Labor Day Weekend

We are going to plan for a great labor day weekend.  So next Monday’s post will be the last Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure for this summer.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe this coming weekend.

Coming  Tomorrow:  Michele’s Reformation – So big it takes up both JoyReturns and OgleOhio.com