My Thoughts On Careerbuilder’s “Why Businesses Should Treat Job Applicants Well”

I came across a Careerbuilder Article entitled “Why businesses should treat job applicants well.”  The article resonated with me a lot.

So to all the companies out there, here is my take on the reasons listed in the Careerbuilder’s article.  Remember this is coming from someone who is a member of 3 job search groups and attended numerous networking events.

#1  “Failing to acknowledge a job application doesn’t affect the company.”  I can assure you not acknowledging an application generates tons of negative publicity for a company.  In fact, this is the number one reason you are getting negative press.  Since 99% of companies do not acknowledge an application, the company you work for has received plenty of negative press via word of mouth.

#2What happens in the recruitment process stays in the recruitment process.”    Us jobseekers talk about the recruitment process at networking events and group meetings.  So you better have your recruitment process running smoothly and have your best people doing the recruiting.  Whether the process is good or bad we will talk about you in an attempt to forewarn applicants what they are up against.

#3 Just hearing from an employer in a tough job market is enough to keep the candidate’s interest.”  We don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, well  neither do you. Remember your recruiters are representing your company so they better be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional otherwise it is a big red flag to applicants.

#4 The top reason workers apply for a job is salary.”   No.  I would much rather work from my home for 45k than drive 45, 60 minutes or more in rush hour traffic to and from work for a 100k a year.   It is not worth the frustration of stop-n-go especially when you live in a city that gets lake effect snow.   I live 25 minutes from where I use to work.  However, in the winter it was 2.5 hours one way on the 8-5 shift.

#5 “The top reason workers do not apply is content in the ad.”  I have tried to apply online only to find the application process takes a minimum of 2 hours.  Also other people have been online longer than 2 hours.  Most recently I completed a lengthy application for a local temporary company only to get a message that my submission failed and I would have to try again later.   Needless to say, I will not be applying to that temp agency again.

Bottom Line

The real reason why businesses should treat job seekers well is simple and it encompasses all of the above.

It could easily be you Mr. or Mrs. Business who are in the unemployment line.  If so, you would want to be treated with dignity and respect in all 5 areas above plus many other areas.

So please think about how you would like to be treated, if it were you who was the job applicant. 

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  1. Great post, Michele. Observations from my experience: How can salary be the top reason workers apply for a job when salary is rarely listed? The online application process often contains illegal questions. Fortunately job seekers here are offered free seminars presented by experts, including high ranking Department of Labor employees, so we are educated and know how to report companies who break the law. My worst online application experience – over two hours on the application and then, surprise, two Wonderlic tests! And did I ever hear anything back? Nope. Just a waste of three hours of my life.

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