Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – “On The Road Again”

Rommie and I hit the road again this time heading for Grandma’s instead of the Groomers.

Rommie watched me all morning, guess she was making sure I did not leave without her.   It has been a long while since she visited Grandma’s because Mom and I were always going places every time we got together.


As I exited the freeway, Rommie woke up and started bouncing around the back seat.  She learned the way to Grandma’s house years ago.  Then when we pulled in the driveway and she about tore the door off trying to get out.  She bolted for the door and when I opened it, she ran in and found Grandma in her office.

In And Out, In And Out

Rommie was just like a kid, running in and out of the house.  We made numerous trips outside for potty, after all there is a new dog living next door and Rommie had to leave her mark in the new dog’s yard. Then  she decided to leave a pile in the middle of the blacktop walking path near Grandma’s  house.  Really?  Is it that much effort to walk 6 inches to some grass?   Guess she did not want other people walking on the path.

“Pizza, Pizza”

Then we had pizza for lunch.  It was from a local restaurant and was hot and fresh.  Rommie only got a little bit of crust as the pizza had onions on it and they are not good for dogs.  Yeah, I know – Rommie does not think of herself as a dog but she is so no onions for her.


After leaving Grandma’s, Rommie and I went to the cemetery to double check the condition of Grandpa and Grandma Q’s headstone.  It was in perfect condition. This is the first time I checked on it since winter.

When we were pulling up to the family plot, Rommie got excited.  It is like she knew Grandma and Grandpa were there and she was anxious to say hi.  Today was the first time she has been to that cemetery.


After the cemetery we headed home.  We both lightly snoozed for about an hour before dinner.  Because of all the goodies Rommie had at Grandma’s I cut back on the amount of food she got for dinner.

Sorry there are no pictures but Rommie was too much of a Tasmanian Devil for me to get pictures.

Have a great week.