Nosy Links To New Places In My Blogroll

I just recently added new links to the blogroll. Scroll down and you will find it in the sidebar.

Nosy Parker – musings of a curious creative

is by my friend Gabriana.  I met her while attending career webinars on and she is an

Event producer, writer/editor, creative designer & organizer, passionate foodie, world traveler and mint chocolate lover with a sweet, wee dog named Abby.

Gabriana is currently in the process of planning an event entitled “Screw Cancer, we are going to Venice, Italy. Buon Viaggio Celebration”  because her amazing mother Jude has a rare form of brain cancer.  I hope you will click on the link and read all about Jude.  Gabriana did a wonderful job writing the article.  Keep checking back because there will be posts coming from Venice, Italy.

It’s A Tough Job

It is a tough being a caregiver but Gabriana has done a wonderful job and is just as amazing as her mother.  I applaud her for sharing what the past 18 months have been like for her and her mom.  People need to know what it is like to be a full-time caregiver.  Everything Gabriana has been through as a caregiver has made her a better, stronger person.  One who knows how to deal with a tough situation.  Some company is going to be very lucky to get Gabriana as an employee when it is time for her to return to work.

Please keep Jude and Gabriana in your prayers.

Widow’s Christian Place

I started this blog because there were too many 3-D websites – dark, dreary and depressing.  That is not what widows or anyone grieving needs.  That is why you do not find links to other widows/widowers websites.

Well a couple weeks ago I was searching the web doing research about advice for widows and somehow stumbled upon by Ferree (rhymes with Marie).   I started looking around  the site and thought this had potential for being a good site for widows.  Then in checking out “Christian Websites for Widows” page, I saw one word that totally convinced me this is a good site.  The word:


Griefshare is a wonderful program from Church Initiative.  It is the program I went through and have co-facilitated for over 3 years.  Not enough websites have a link to Griefshare, so I was impressed when I saw a link on her site.

Ferree has put together a great website for widows.  One she wishes had been around when she was widowed.  May it “live long and prosper” while encouraging and providing resources for widows.

I Hope

I hope you will take the time to check out these sites, leave comments and refer them to others.