Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!

Rommie was 10 yrs old yesterday.  

Her birthday weekend started off Friday, with a trip to the groomers.  She loves the people, tolerates her bath, but HATES the blow-dryer.   The groomer removed those mean nasty nozzles and put the blower on low.  After that Rommie was fine with the blow-dryer.

After we got home, we played a round of tennis and then I went to the grocery store.  When I got back this is what I found.

Nap Time

Rommie zonked out on the couch!

Then she realized Mom was home so that means –

Belly Rub Time

rub my belly!  Rommie just loves her belly rubs.

Saturday Night Dinner

She got a little less of her fish and sweet potato dog food than normal.  However, CHICKEN replaced what she did not get in dog food.  I made the chicken in the crock pot and it come out nice and tender.  She did her normal tap dancing as I put the chicken in her dish.

Sunday – Actual Birthday

Her birthday started off with a bang – literally as a thunderstorm rolled through at midnight.  She jumped on my bed and slept with me until the coast was all clear.  Not sure what time she got down to go sleep on her bed.

I made sure we got plenty of play time in with the tennis balls this afternoon.  The morning was rainy off and on but the sun shone bright this afternoon.

Dinner was her normal food as all the chicken is gone – for now.

My Wish

Then after more play time, I went to get some ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Hopefully during the time I was gone, God allowed Daddy, Grandpa B., Uncle B., and Grandma & Grandpa Q. to come visit and wish her Happy Birthday.

While she has adjusted well to these family members not being in her life anymore, I know she misses them.  So that is why on special occasions God will allow them to come back and spend a little time with her.

My Golden Girl

Words can never accurately explain how much she means to me.  God worked through her to get me out of bed in the mornings that first  year without Joe.  Yes, we got her from a breeder but God knew she was what we needed.


You are my golden girl. 

Love Mommie. 

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