Look Out Northeast Ohio – JoyReturns Is About To Spread

Good Monday Morning,

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I have some news to share.

I have an appointment this afternoon ( 3 p.m. Eastern).  This is not a job interview.  It is an interview for Cleveland Business Connections Magazine (cbcmagazine.com).

The writer Pamela Willits is doing this article from a wellness perspective.  The article will focus on how and why I started JoyReturns, what I have gained from blogging, has it helped people and if so how. She also wants to know about the awards I have received.  Additionally she wants to know about my involvement with Social Media Examiner’s “Blogging Fundamentals for Business” course I and if blogging has lead to any business opportunities.

Last Wednesday Night

This all started happening last Wednesday night after getting back from the regional prayer team meeting.  I decided to clear out my mailbox and there was an email from Pamela with a request for an interview.  My friend Jeff Nischwitz forwarded my blog and background to the editor, who assigned the story to Pamela.  The story will appear in their next issue magazine and when it does, I will provide a link to it.  I do not think those of you in the Ukraine, Malaysia, Argentina and the Philippines have a need for a subscription nor can run out to your local newsstand and buy a copy.

Photo Shoot

Sometime this week, I will be doing a short photo shoot with one of their photographers.  So move over Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen – as Michele Kearns has arrived.                   😉

Now I just have to figure out something to wear that is joyful.

Hair Stylist

I just remembered something my hair stylist Ronald would tell me over and over when I was in high school –

“You are a superstar!”  

Thanks for the words of encouragement Ronald.

Thank you Jeff for believing in me and that the story of JoyReturns needs told.


  • That is exciting news!!!! Congratulations. This is soooo awesome. It will definitely open more doors for you than you can count.

    God Bless you in this project.
    Sherline 😀