Rainbow Coincidence?

Swingin’ Summer Saturdays and Sundays is taking a break this weekend.

Late yesterday afternoon we had thunderstorms.  During the storm the sun came out and was shining very, very brightly.  Well, you know what happens when rain and sunshine mix. Yes, – rainbows!

I have always loved rainbows but my love for them deepened in 2008, the first summer after Joe moved to heaven.  There were lots and lots of rainbows that summer.  I took them as reassurance everything was going to be alright.

Yesterday’s rainbow was tall, wide and very bright. I only got good pictures of the north and south end but none of the middle.

Oh, and yesterday was also the 1 year anniversary of my father’s move to heaven.  So was the rainbow a coincidence?

“North End of Rainbow”

“South End of Rainbow”