White Lemonade Jello

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While looking through my box of recipes, I stumbled across a recipe for White Jello from my mother-in-law.  It calls for cream cheese and marshmallow creme.  At that point I said “Wait a minute!  That’s what I use to make the Lemonade Fruit Dip from Tastefully Simple.  I wonder…”

So this morning I morphed into Mad Chef Michele and experimented with my mother-in-law Mary’s White Jello recipe.


2 envelopes unflavored gelatin

1/2 cup cold water

1 or 2 cans (20 oz) crushed pineapple

2 bricks cream cheese (8 oz each)

1 package Tastefully Simple Lemonade Fruit Dip ( 2 envelopes in a box) – optional.

7 ounces of marshmallow creme

10 oz bag of mini-marshmallows

1 container whipped topping (8 oz)


Mix 2 envelopes gelatin with 1/2 cup cold water and set aside.

Boil 1-2 cans crushed pineapple with juice.  * Seen Mad Chef Michele’s notes at end.

Add gelatin mixture and boil 1 minute. Set aside

Cream 2 bricks, 8 oz each, cream cheese with 7 oz jar of marshmallow creme and 1 envelope  TastefullySimple’s Lemonade Fruit Dip mix – mix on low speed.  * See Mad Chef Michele’s notes at end

Add pineapple mixture and blend all together on low speed.

Pour into 9 x 13 glass dish.

Sprinkle colored marshmallows over mixture (a cup or more).  I had the whole dish covered with white ones as the store did not have any colored marshmallows.

Refrigerate until firm.

Spread with whipped topping.

Store in refrigerator.

Can make up to 1 day in advance.

Mad Chef Michele’s Notes

DisclaimerI am an Independent Consultant for Tastefully Simple. 

Pineapple – I did not have crushed pineapple on hand, so I used 2 8 oz cans of pineapple tidbits.  Yes, this only comes out to 16 oz of pineapple instead of the 20 oz the recipe requires.  I figured the Lemonade Dip would make up for the remaining 4 oz of pineapple.

Cream Cheese, Marshmallow Creme and Fruit Dip – The directions on the package require 1 envelope of fruit dip per brick of cream cheese.  However, I figured that would make the jello too sweet because of the pineapple.  After making the cream cheese mixture, I took a piece of pineapple and added a little bit of the cream cheese mixture on top   then I ate that little piece.  That sample was all I needed to confirm my suspicions – Only 1 envelope of the fruit dip is necessary.

Tastefully Simple’s Lemonade Fruit Dip Mix – This is a seasonal product and is available until 9/6/2012.  So stock up.

Tastefully Simple Link –  This is not a self-hosted website (WordPress.org) so I am unable to link back to Tastefully Simple dot com.

Remember, the original recipe does NOT call for the Lemonade Fruit Dip.  Just cream the cream cheese and marshmallow creme together and be sure to use at least 20 oz of crushed pineapple.  

Notes From Mad Chef Michele’s Taste Buds

Yum!  They loved this jello dish and they are generally pudding taste buds.

However, I will be making some adjustments.  The next time I will be using at least a 20 oz can of crushed pineapple, possibly 1 1/2 cans.  There is too much jello, marshmallows and whipped topping and not enough pineapple.

Also I will be using 2 envelopes of the Tastefully Simple Lemonade Fruit Dip.

If not using the fruit dip, I will use 2 of the 20 ounce cans of pineapple.

Hopefully you at least enjoyed reading about my experimentation with my mother-in-laws recipe.  I do not experiment very often with recipes.

Have a great rest of the weekend and a week filled with lots of joy.


“White Lemonade Jello – Side View”

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