Jack Of All Trades…

 and yes, I am master of none.

No Mastery 

Not being a master of any skill has always been okay with me.  I was neither bad or excellent, just okay at them.  This puts me right smack dab in the middle.  Being in the middle was my personal brand back before personal branding became popular.


Here is a list of my interests/experience:

  • Crocheting,
  • Reading books,
  • Blogging at JoyReturns,
  • Photo blogging at OgleOhio,
  • Listening to all types of music,
  • Writing the Joyful Jems newsletter,
  • Co-facilitating a grief support group,
  • Being a member of Golden Retrievers In Need (G.R.I.N.),
  • Working for retail stores as a sales clerk and assistant manager,
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric and Communications (emphasis on public speaking),
  • I have experience as a collector and team leader of sub-prime mortgage and auto lease portfolio’s,

I mention all this because while variety is the spice of life, in this economy you must be the master of one skill, trade, or talent and prove how you will use that skill to save or make the company money.

“Variety Is The Spice Of Life”

I have always had a variety of interests.  In high school I was in band (flute), choir (soprano), drama club (lead in the Fall play my senior year), and on the speech and debate team (came “this close” to making it to State Tournament one year).

I remember being told it was a good thing to have a variety of interests as colleges saw you as a well-rounded person.  So I continued the philosophy of having many interests throughout life.

“Bang, bang, my baby shot me down”

Now that philosophy is back firing.  People see me as unfocused because of my varied interests and participation in several groups.

Establishing this blog and OgleOhio were ways to show people I can learn a new technology.  This is also the reason why I have taken Social Media courses and started the Joyful Jems newsletter, to continue to learn and grow.  Certainly doing all this would help the job search.

There are a people here and there that like and appreciate what I have done and continue to do.  However, the majority of the people are not impressed. Of course blogging about my adventures through widowhood and beyond freaks most people out and scares them away – even including potential employers. But I knew that would be the case when I launched JoyReturns.  (Thank you Catherine, Jeff, Mary, and Sharon et al… for not being scared away.)

I still thought despite the topic that diving in head first and creating and maintaining a blog would somehow help my search.  Oh well, lesson learned.

“Keep On Truckin’”

I will keep on doing this blog, OgleOhio and Joyful Jems. Because I have the best readers in the world (52 countries to be exact.) and I love doing what I am doing.

Maybe blogging will be the one skill I end up mastering and maybe there will come a time when it does somehow help in my job search.


  • I wouldn’t write off (oh ya, pun intended) the fact that you’ve chosen to build several niche, non-traditional blogs. That is the essence of specializing. Makes me wonder if you could contact organizations that are in alignment with your blogs and see if they need some help building their own?

    Keep on doing it Michele! I believe in what you are doing! Job search for seasoned pros in this economy is a marathon, not a sprint. But those that keep going, cross the finish line. I just know it’s coming. 🙂