All Gone – When A Marriage Ends

(Author’s Note: The idea for today’s post came after reading other blogs where the underlying sentiment was the loss of a child is the only legitimate loss.  Everybody else should just pick up the pieces and move on.  While the loss of the child to me would be the hardest loss to deal with, other losses are also valid and their resulting grief is just as legitimate.

So I decided to do this post pointing out a fact about the loss of a spouse, sudden or expected, that gets overlooked.)

Your Mother Will Still Be Your Mother,

Your Father Will Still Be Your Father,

Your Sister Will Still Be Your Sister,

Your Brother Will Still Be Your Brother,

Your Grandma Will Still Be Your Grandma,

Your Grandpa Will Still Be Your Grandpa,

Your Aunt Will Still Be Your Aunt,

Your Uncle Will Still Be Your Uncle,

Your Cousin Will Still Be Your Cousin,

Your Daughter Will Still  Be Your Daughter,

Your Son Will Still Be Your Son.


Your husband will NEVER be your husband again,

After he moves to heaven.

The relationship you had here on earth will be over,

“Gone With The Wind,”

Never to exist again.

No more quiet, romantic moments together with the man who fathered your children,

The man who loved you so deeply he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you,

The man who was proud to have you take his last name.

All that and more is

“All Gone.”

Matthew 22:30

 At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. (emphasis added)