Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – “Loveshack”


Happy Monday to everyone.  It’s Rommie writing today’s adventure post.

This weekend Mom decided to work on the little corner of my backyard where she heck-bend on creating a “Loveshack.”  Actually she intends on using it as a quiet place to read books, devotions, pray and just relax from our various safari adventures.  Now if she thinks I am going to let her “sit” (pun intended) and read, well bahahahahahahahaha!   The only form of recreation in my backyard, is Mom throwing me my tennis balls   😉


She bought 6 bags of red lava  and put in the little flower bed along the house.  Then she put the geraniums (or what’s left of them) on top of the lava.  She did not put lava under the lilac bush at the end of the bed because she is not sure the lilac bush will stay there.  It might get relocated to another section of the backyard.


Here are pictures of what Mom accomplished today.  She wanted to do more but it is hot 82 degrees and very, very muggy today.  We are suppose to get storms but so far nothing but teeny-tiny little blips on the radar.

“Hot Pink Geraniums”

“Lava Bed”

“Distressed Vinyl Chair”


“Spoon Tree With White Rabbit”

There you have it, the humble start to Mom’s “Loveshack.”  Stay tuned, who knows what else Mom has planned.

Love, Hugs and Sloppy Wet Kisses,



Critter Update

By the way, not only is the groundhog still invading my yard, but now he has brought his friend the bunny rabbit.  Don’t worry, I chase them out making certain they know this is my yard.