According to Merriam-Webster the definition of overwhelm is:

2 a : to cover over completely : submerge

 Yes, that is what life is like after becoming a widow.  Even 4 ½ years later “overwhelm” describes me and my life. I am covered over completely with a never ending “To Do” list.  It is never empty and varies from day to day.  Tasks must still be done whether I am well or not. No sick days for me.

A List

This is not a typical day’s list as there are no typical days in my life.

  • Make the bed,
  • Empty the trash,
  • Clean the bathroom,
  • Dust and run the sweeper,
  • Figure out what to wear to a networking event next week.
  • Rewrite my elevator speech for the 1 millionth time.
  • Empty the dishwasher,
  • Load the dishwasher,
  • Play with Rommie (this is the only fun thing)
  • Read emails keeping current with job search and social media information via articles and newsletters
  • Update LinkedIn,
  • Send out Tweets on Twitter,
  • Tweak the resume for the next job application,
  • Weed the flower beds (at least I have someone who mows the yard)
  • Oh wait!  I forgot to rehearse the elevator speech!

The list just keeps getting longer and longer.  I cross one off and replace it with 2 more.

Just when I think I can go to bed, I remember something in the washer needs taken out and hung up to dry.  So downstairs I go.  Opps forgot hangers, back upstairs I go, now that I have the hangers, back downstairs I go.

Through it all I keep praying for the strength to deal with the feeling of being “overwhelmed.”  God gives me the strength to get done what I can on any given day.

Favorite Time Of Day

Then finally my favorite part of the day comes – bedtime. There is nothing like crawling into bed at day’s end.   It is then I say my prayers of thanksgiving for the strength I had that day.  Then just as I am about to fall asleep I remember I forgot to wash my face and brush my teeth   😉

Other Widows

So if you know of someone who is a widow and it has been several years since her husband moved to heaven, don’t think she now has a lot of time on her hands because odds are she too is overwhelmed.