Celebrant Joy

Celebrant – “One Who Celebrates”

Tonight I had the privilege of hearing Jon Stemkoski’s “Celebrant Singer’s.”  Wow!

They led those of us in attendance in a powerful, wonderful worship service that was very moving. These young men and women not only sing but share their testimony about what God has done in their lives.  Each one was broken in some way but God fixed them.  Now they are traveling all over the world singing, sharing their story and praying with people.   They have a passion for God and try to instill or reignite that same passion in audiences where ever they perform.

People left the service feeling blessed, radiating joy and I do believe passion for God was reignited.

Here is their website.  I highly recommend you check it out.  You can purchase CD’s of their music.

Tending Joy

Speaking of joy, when I first started this blog I set up a Google Alert for “joy returns.”  Well yesterday “joy returns” appeared on the Google alert in my email and it let me to a site called “Tending Joy by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff and specifically to a poem she wrote entitled “When Joy Returns.”  I loved it.

I also love her site. She offers several products including books, some of which are hand-sewn.  You can preview sample poetry from each book.  I liked “The Joy Book” , “What Holds Us”, “The Honey Sutras” and “Breathe” – a mini accordion book that serves as a reminder to stop for a moment and breathe.  It is perfect for those hectic, chaotic days where we are running a mile a minute.

Here is Ingrid’s website.  I hope you will check her beautiful work.   May it speak to you as it speaks to me.

Have a blessed day filled with lots of joy to celebrate