Getting Creative With Dead Branches

Today’s Swingin’ Summer Saturday’s and Sunday’s gets crafty attempting to make a unique and different decoration for my backyard.

Start With A Dead Tree

Last year I had a black sand cherry tree die.  I cut down the limbs and my neighbor took down the stump.  Well I was looking at the branches and decided it was a shame to throw them out as I saw them as something beautiful.

So I kept them outside until deciding what to do with them.  Well today I started on my recycling project.

What I Did Today

First I got a resin planter from my shed, washed it and let it dry in the sun.

Old Resin Planter & Tennis Ball

Then I gathered some branches from the sand cherry tree.


Next I placed a big foam disc in the planter.  It did not go all the way to the bottom, which was fine.

Planter with Foam

Then I pushed the branches into the foam securing them with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.  Next came the Spanish Moss and finally a garland of ivy around the planter’s rim.

Below is the project so far.  It is not done as I still have a few finishing touches to add and I will post an update soon.

Recycled Branches in Pot with Spanish Moss

Final Thoughts

So do not just throw out branches.  Look at them from a different angle, there just maybe a way you can recycle them.

Use your imagination and remember when working with Spanish Moss, do so outside as it is very messy   🙂