Are You Doing It?

I attended the June luncheon of Positive Thinkers Network in Cleveland yesterday.  The speaker was Positive Psychology and Marketing Communications expert Carin Rockind, who spoke about finding your life’s purpose.

In her speech she asked us to fill in the blank of this statement:  “I am happiest when______ .”

Well that got me to thinking about my answer.

My 3 Answers

I am happiest when blogging.

I am happiest when taking pictures.

I am happiest when helping widows and others who are grieving.

All Together Now

I am happiest when using my blogging and photography skills to help widows and others who are grieving through their grief journey so they can experience joy again.

Now It’s Your Turn

What is your answer to “I am happiest when________.”?

Are you doing it whether for a living or as a volunteer?

If not, why not?