Old Photographs

Today is day 11 of Lisa Ryan’s “5 Thank You’s A Day 30 Day Challenge.” In the workbook today’s assignment is to go through an old photograph album, pick out 3 pictures and write what is special about those pictures.  Odds are those pictures and the special memories will be of other people.

A Different Twist

Instead of going through an album, I went through my mind’s very expansive photograph album.  There are special memories share with others that reside only there.

First Up

The first picture that comes to mind is of Joe and I standing at the altar.   I was fighting back my tears of joy as I did not want to ruin my makeup.  So my lower lip was quivering and Joe was making fun of me by standing there making his lower jaw quiver.  I could see the happiness in his eyes because they sparkled so much.  He enjoyed making fun of me as a way to try and make me laugh and put me at ease.

Next In Line

The second picture that comes to mind is the day we picked out Rommie.  We were at the kennel playing with her and her sister.  They were 10 weeks old and full of energy, however we both noticed Rommie had a mellow streak.  There were times she would sit and just chill while watching her sister do her Tasmanian Devil imitation.  We chose Rommie because of her mellow streak since we both worked.  She figured out when we were getting ready for work and would just “chill” on the couch.

Last But Not Least

The third picture is the one of his niece at the funeral home.  I could see she was about to break down so I went over and gave her a big hug.  She did start crying but my hug helped console her.

Many More

So those are just three of the pictures in my mind’s photograph album.  However, there are many more tucked away in my mind’s pages.  I should go through the album and write some more posts about the different pictures.


What pictures are tucked away in your mind’s photograph album?  Pictures of events as seen from your unique viewpoint.

Thank you God for the numerous pictures I have stored in my mind’s photograph album.  May the memories associated with them never fade.