“Love Never Dies”

Joe and I traveled to Toronto, Ontario in 1992 to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical masterpiece “Phantom of the Opera.”  Joe and I both loved it.  So much so that when time came to choose a song for our first dance we chose “Music of the Night.”  I figured it was long enough that after about a minute of us dancing, the DJ could introduce the bridal party.  Well the DJ still waited until the song was 3/4 over before doing the introductions.   Joe and I were not good slow dancers.

So “Phantom of the Opera” was always special to us.


Some time ago I heard that Andrew was working on a sequel to Phantom that took place in Coney Island.  My first thought was “Oh, Andrew WHAT are you doing?”  I am not a fan of most sequels as they usually do not live up to the original book, movie, musical etc…


Well, I have been chillin’ out today because I do not feel good.  So I turned on the TV.  I was trying to get to the ‘”Pay Per View” movie channel and typed something wrong.  Instead I got the list of local channels.  There was the listing for PBS and at 3 p.m. they where airing “Love Never Dies” as part of their pledge drive.   So I took a chance and watched it.

Andrew Delivers

Andrew does it once again.  I was skeptical about the original “Phantom”, after all how do you have a chandelier  crashing down night after night, and then there is the small item of the lake beneath the Paris Opera House.  He delivered then, and he delivered now.


For you Andrew Lloyd Webber fans, it is typical Andrew style – bold, lush, lavish, and powerful.  I know a lot of critics do not like Andrew because of his style, but that is precisely why I like him.  I love bold and powerful music.  Wimpy, winy songs, like the one by The Beatles “that MUST NOT be named,” have no place in my music collection.


The story line ties very well with “Phantom” as does the music.  Now I am not going to reveal what happens, you are just going to check your local PBS listings or buy the movie on  Amazon.  All I will say is if you remember how “Phantom” begins, then you know how “Love Never Dies” ends.

Song Catalog

I will share some lyrics from a few songs that resonated with me.

Have you ever yearned to go

Past the world you think you know?

Been enthralled to the call

Of the beauty underneath?

“The Beauty Underneath”

Look with your heart and not with your eyes

The heart understands, the heart never lies

Believe what it feels and trust what it shows

Look with your heart, the heart always knows. 

“Look With Your Heart”

Love never dies

Love never falters

Once it has spoken

Love is yours

“Love Never Dies”