Joy Is Blue

Ah yes, I bet you are wondering why the header picture change and the color change to JoyReturns?

It is just my way of paying tribute to the 4 students from Brunswick, OH who were killed in an auto accident last Sunday, hours before graduation.

There are blue and white ribbons all through out Brunswick as a show of support for the families.

The funerals start today.

So quit reading this blog and go hug and/or kiss your child and tell them “I Love You”.  Don’t have children, then go hug, kiss, and tell your spouse “I Love You.”  For you never know when they could be called to their heavenly home.



1 thought on “Joy Is Blue”

  1. Thanks for the reminder.. may their souls rest in perfect peace… bless your heart Michele.. I love blue.. blue is always great.. Hugs to you… and loads of love too..

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