“Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord”

(Author’s Note: This line has been on my mind as we sang this song at church the other day.  So I decided to write a brief post about what recently came to my mind when singing this line.  And now off to feed Rommie her breakfast.)

“Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory of the Coming Of the Lord”

(Julia Ward Howe)

May you see God’s glory everywhere, every day, in every one and in every circumstance, because He is ever present.

Ever present:

In the sun,

In the birds,

In the flowers,

In the neighborhood boys playing in the woods,

In the neighborhood girls playing hop-scotch and jumping rope.

In the grown children out on their own, living a life that makes their parents proud.

In knowing God is working on making good come from negative life events, in His time.

In death, knowing our loved one is experiencing the ultimate glory of everlasting life with God.

Take time today and every day and ask yourself:

“Where and in whom do I see God’s glory?”

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