Updates on Yogurt & Weed Killer + Tip On Making Baby Wipes

Yogurt Update:

A couple weeks ago I shared a tip from my good friend Amy about freezing individual yogurt cups.  Once frozen, throw them in a cooler or insulated bag to help keep other things cold.

Well I have not used it to help keep things cold, but I do use them as a refreshing afternoon snack while working in the yard. I take one out and let it soften in the refrigerator.  After couple hours it is ready to eat.  It  is very delicious and cools me down.

I used the Dannon yogurt as the local grocery store had them on sale 20 for $10.00 so I have a freezer full.  The only flavor I do not like is coffee, probably because it was not mocha   😉

Weed Killer Update:

On Friday I mixed Joy dish washing detergent with vinegar and sprayed it on the weeds in the driveway.  I checked Saturday morning and they were about 80% dead.  So I mixed up another batch and sprayed them again today (Saturday), early in the morning so they had a full day of sun.

I check them again tonight and the weeds are now 100% dead.  It took 2 applications but that is fine.  This weed killer is less expensive and a whole lot less toxic than Roundup or any other brand.   It was worth the extra effort of spraying them a second time.

In looking through the miscellaneous section of “Kitchen Keepsakes from the Jonas and Susie Yoder Family”, I found the same weed killer recipe for a gallon size jug with 1 additional ingredient.

1 gal. white vinegar

9 drops dish soap

1 1/2 c. salt

Mix all together, spray on weeds.  When weeds are dry, repeat after a rain.

Mrs. Ray (Barbara) Yoder

New Tip:  Homemade Baby Wipes

Again, I found this in the miscellaneous section of “Kitchen Keepsakes” and just had to share it with all the Mom’s and Grandma’s out there.

1 1/2 c. boiling water

3 Tbsp. baby bath

1 Tbsp. baby oil

Bounty paper towels

Cut 1 roll Bounty paper towels in half.  Remove center card board.  Place upright in an airtight container and  pour mixture over towels.  Cover tightly and it’s ready to use in 30 minutes.  The wipes ca be pulled up from the center and torn off at any length.  Note: fort best results use Bounty paper towels.  The cheaper brand doesn’t work as well.

Mrs. Joseph (Mary) Swartzentruber

(Author’s Note:  I have no intention on finding out first hand if this works 😉  No babies or grand baby’s in this house.)

Hope your Sunday is sunny.

For Memorial Day weekend, Swingin’ Summer Saturdays & Sunday’s will run from Friday –  Monday.


  • Really this is amazing… Both hints are so helpful for me.. I mean, not only for my 3kids.. but for us all in this house hold.. as for the weedkiller… weeds sorry it is time to say bye bye… thanks alot Michele for sharing.. bless your heart..!! Have a lovely Sunday…!!