I Am Taking Lisa Ryan’s Challenge – Are You? (No Dieting Involved)

I recently went to the Positive Thinkers Network luncheon to hear my dear friend Jeff Nischwitz speak.  While there I met the co-founders Catherine Foster and Lisa Ryan.

Lisa is also founder of a company called Grategy®.

At the luncheon she mentioned the “Take the 5 Thank You’s a Day 30 Day Challenge which runs from June 1st – June 30th

I signed up a couple days ago.

Now I challenge each and every person to sign up.

Whether first-time or long-time readers. whether you are from Iceland, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, right here in the United State of America or from any other of the 50 countries that visit this blog, if you want a better life – take the challenge.

Five thank you’s a day times 30 days equals 150 Thank You’s given out in one month.  Imagine how good you will feel not only giving them out but knowing you made a positive impact on a friend or family member’s life.


There are 5 ways you can accomplish the 5 thank yous per day, but you have to click on this “Take the 5 Thank You’s a Day 30 Day Challenge link to find out more. When you sign up you will receive a PDF copy of Lisa’s new e-book “Thank You Notes: Your 30 Days of Gratitude Workbook.”

Plan now to take time every day in June and spread some gratitude.  You and the people in your life will be better for it.

“I TRIPLE dog-dare ya!”

Schwart from the movie “A Christmas Story.”

Oh and as for my friend Jeff’s speech; he hit a grand-slam – as usual.

So, whose up for the challenge besides me?