Good Morning. Today’s Swingin’ Summer Saturdays and Sundays post comes from the blog BA Expat. It is a kitchen trick he found on Pintrest. Cool, awesome and blown away are words that came to my mind when I saw his picture post. Enjoy! Happy Saturday to all.

BA Expat

This photo series absolutely blew my mind, so I decided to dedicate an entire post to sharing them (found this on Pinterest somewhere).

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  1. cemeterianss says:

    PS: Happy Mother’s Day ~ Rommie’s Mom!

  2. cemeterianss says:

    Too cool! Thanks for sharing! : ) How is Rommie?

    • You are welcome Susan. Rommie is her normal ornery, feisty self. I was in the kitchen on the phone with Mom yesterday and Rommie came in with 2 tennis balls and very emphatically threw them at me, as if to say “quit talking to grandma and play ball with me!”


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