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Swingin’ Summer Saturdays and Sundays – Amy’s Summertime Tips

“Butterfly & Dandelion”

Welcome to Swingin’ Summer Saturdays & Sundays.  

From now until Labor Day you will find recipes and other tips to help you enjoy summer, whether you are swingin’ in a hammock or swingin’ from a chandelier with the latest lampshade style on your head  😉

I am kicking off the series with some summer survival tips from my dear friend Amy.


Amy’s Summertime Survival Tips


* When we go on a long drive in the summer, or out in the boat, I keep containers of various flavors of yogurt in the freezer during the summer months. They help keep the cooler chilled, and in a few hours when we’re ready to eat lunch, they are thawed enough to eat like regular frozen yogurt. Not quite the same texture, but cool, smooth & delicious just the same!

Ice Cubes

*I fill my water bottle with ice cubes made from fruit juice or fruity iced tea, lemonade, or Kool-aid, then top it off with the liquid version of the same beverage. Stays cold lots longer!


*Take your favorite chocolate chip recipe & substitute cranberries or any other small dried fruit. Cookie taste great & no melted chocolate all over you or the kids.

Motion Sickness Remedy

*Unfrosted gingerbread cookies travel well, and are a good thing to bring on trips where someone might get motion sickness. Ginger has long been used for a remedy for motion sickness or sea sickness.

Getting Fried

* As for sunny day outings, we also keep a bottle of aloe in the cooler; if you get fried because you forgot to reapply your sunscreen (which we also sometimes keep in the cooler), nothing feels better on sore skin than cool aloe. If you get a cut or scrape, the aloe helps with that also.

Thank You Amy!