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“Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…”

“…a very good place to start.”

Julie Andrews/Maria/The Sound of Music

I anticipate some new readers during the next day or two so I thought a “starting at the beginning” post was in order.


Welcome to JoyReturns!  Whether you are here to learn how to survive a grief journey, or educate yourself about grief so you know how to help a grieving person, hopefully you will find the site helpful.

What led to this site?  In March 2008 my husband Joe passed away after suffering a stroke at the base of the brain.   His passing was unexpected and just devastated me.

One morning I heard the words “Widows Website” in my head even before I opened my eyes.   So I started researching different websites.


I found most websites dark, dreary and depressing.  The attitude of the people running the site or participating in forums was “Woe is me!” even though it had been several months or years since their close encounter with grief.  It was obvious they had not progressed beyond the day of the passing.

These sites were not helpful as I wanted to experience joy again.  They did not lift me up or help me move forward but instead dragged me down.  I did not want to stay in grief as it was excruciatingly painful.

So I set out to create JoyReturns.  The name is based on Psalm 30:5

…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.


Also I attended a grief support program “Griefshare” and their tagline is “From Mourning To Joy.”

Learning & Growing

I have enjoyed everything associated with this blog.  It has challenged me to learn and grow in numerous ways. (writing & blog design)  Also I have developed relationships with readers from around the globe.  So far this blog has been read in 40 countries (Belize, South Africa & The Ukraine – just to name a few) logging over 444,000 miles on its trip around the world. (according to LinkedIn’s app Tripit).


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