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Pecking, Fluttering, and Slithering Visitors

Wow!  It has been a very interesting few days.

Thursday was the murder of Ms. Flicker (a woodpecker), probably by a hawk.  No eye witnesses.

Friday and Saturday were calm.

Then Sunday started off with a peck!  A woodpecker that is, specifically a Pileated woodpecker.  Yes, he is the kind Woody Woodpecker was modeled after.

1 Turns Into 5

Then there was the one butterfly flying around that turned into 5 butterflies. Some were Monarchs and some were “Cleveland Browns” butterflies. (brown and light orange)  However, I was only able to get photographs of the Monarchs.

“Zoom, Zoom”

Just when I thought the day could not get any more interesting along came a dragonfly.  Did you ever try to take a picture of a dragonfly?  They are hard to photograph but I did it.  He/she was a beautiful iridescent bluish green.


I did manage to get pictures of some visitors and you will see them on starting next week.  Today’s stunning spring shot was already cued up before the visitor’s arrived.

In-between pictures, I of course had to throw the tennis ball.  Rommie did not care about the visitors we had, her only concern was making sure I threw the ball.  Here she is relaxing after a run.

TMR Visits

As if the day could not get any better – ahem…along came Thomas Marvolo Riddle in the form of a snake.  Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!

He ran for the front stoop and I ran for the shovel. I pierced his backside with the shovel pinning him to the ground.  Then I called for the neighbor to come over and see if he knew what kind it was, he did not and he is even more squeamish than me when it comes to snakes.  He held the shovel while I got a straight-edge shovel and then “off with his head!”

I shoveled up the remains and threw them over the back fence into the woods.  One piece landed on a bush and was still there this morning.

Most likely it was a good snake that I killed, but still anything that slimy and creepy does not belong around my house, even if they do eat mice, grasshoppers and other garden damaging insects.  Please stay in the woods Mr. Riddle.


God only knows what today will hold but it could be very interesting.

Hopefully God sends you lots of butterflies and dragonflies and no snakes or dead birds.