#1 Skill For Job Seekers In 2012

The webinar JT O’Donnell from CareerHMO did today was on The 3 Ways Social Media is Stunting Your Growth.”  During the webinar JT provided a link to Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk.  It is about technology and conversations.  It is very powerful and I highly recommend you click on this link and watch it.

If you are crunched for time at least listen to the first 8 minutes.


The number one skill jobseekers need to learn – the art of face to face conversation.


Job applicants who verbally articulate themselves well in an interview are going to be light years ahead of the competition.  Being able to have an intelligent conversation with the interviewer is how you will connect with them and leave a lasting impression – an impression that just may get you the job.

Not Up To Snuff?

Feel as though you are rusty on your conversation skills?

  • Take a course on interpersonal communication
  • Join a group whether it is a Bible Study, book club or community organization.
  • Practice by speaking in front of a group where you are engaging an audience in a conversation.


Quit hiding behind the email, text or instant message and pick up the phone or go meet someone and have a good old-fashioned conversation.

We need face to face conversations in our lives. It’s how deep lasting relationships are not only formed but also maintained. 

Being able to have a face to face conversation does not only apply to job seekers, but to everyone.

If you have real conversations – you will rock!