Sunday In The Pool With Rommie

Woof, Woof, Happy Monday to everyone!

Yes, I hijacked Mom’s computer again.

It was warm yesterday and since I wear 2 fur coats Mom was nice enough to get my pool clean.  A lot of good that did 😉

The yard has not dried out from all the rain we got recently so it was nice and muddy.  Mom said she would let me run around and get muddy because I will go to the groomers this week.  Oh no!  They have this machine they use on me after my bath that blows a lot of warm air and makes a lot of noise.  I do not like it because it scares me.

Anyway, here are the pictures from opening day at the pool.

"Making Waves"
"Roll With It Baby, Just Roll With It."
"Loving Opening Pool Day"

I hereby declare the 2012 Pool Season OPEN!!!!

Grab your bikini’s and speedo’s and come on over to my place for Pina Colada’s and a Conga line!

Enjoy your week and remember to “Make Waves” every day and smile while making them.

Love, Hugs and Sloppy Wet Kisses,


(P.S.  Mom will be back tomorrow.  She did make me get into the tub so she could wash the mud right out of my fur.  I thought mud was good for my fur.)