In Order To Inspire Others

Today has been a crappy one so far and here I am attempting to write a post about being an inspiration.  Well, I am not feeling inspired right now.  At least that is the “story” I am telling myself.

“Let’s Start From The Very Beginning”

Alright, let’s break this down.  I’ve had a lousy day. At least I am aware it has not been a good day.  That is a start.

Now what are some ways I can inspire a mood change hmmm… think I will get out the black (bad) and blue (good) beads.  Also need my clear container. Now for every good thing that happened I will put in a blue bead and for every bad thing a black bead goes in the container.


  • I woke up this morning.
  • Rommie woke up this morning.
  • We are healthy. (2 beads)
  • The sun is visible today the temperatures are in the 60’s.
  • I have a house with electricity, running water, heat, air and the windows open. (5 beads)
  • I had lunch.
  • I am jotting down ideas for a post.
  • The car started and got me to and from my interview safely.  (2 beads
  • The interview went well.
  • Put gas in the car.
  • Bought small bouquet of daffodils
  • Lady gave me a smile (pretty red lipstick) and held door open for me. (2 beads)
  • Probably did ok on the typing and data entry tests. (2 beads)


I stunk at 2 tests – Excel and Word (2003) & I’m running 2010. (2 beads)

Review Time

How many blue beads are in my clear glass jar – 20.

How many black beads are in my clear glass jar – 2

Wow! There are more blue beads.  So has it really been a crappy day? No, I just had 2 crappy events out of 20 good events and chose to focus on the 2 bad events.


See how I shifted my emotions. Now I am in a good mood and can be a positive influence instead of dragging others down with my bad mood.

Time to change clothes and go help serve soup at church, right after I put another blue bead in the vase.


My clear container – a vase filled with daffodils from the florist. If you look closely you will see two black beads floating at the water line.

Sometimes in order to inspire others, you need to inspire yourself first.

Irish Proverb:

“Time is a great storyteller.”

Coming tomorrow: The HUG Award Post

3 thoughts on “In Order To Inspire Others”

  1. Wow! It’s funny how 2 black beads can make us think life is crappy–yet when you take the time to look around at all the good, it always outweighs the bad. Thanks for the post. This was a good reminder!

  2. I just love how you worked your emotions out here. They say you write your regrets on sand and blessings in stone so that the wind can blow away your troubles and your blessings remain engraved as memories on stone. Have a blessed day from here on out hun.

    Love the daffodils by the way.

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