Sunk Costs


Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.

Colossians 3:23

Letting Go

It feels very liberating to let go of an idea or dream.

Now, this was not an easy decision to make but with the help of the blog BAExpat, I made it.  Through his article “How to Apply Business Principles for a Better Personal Life”, I learned about “sunk costs.”  It is a business term and means money spent is unrecoverable.   Since unrecoverable, just look at the cost involved to complete the project.  Then an intelligent decision can be made as to whether or not to move forward.

In my case, it was not money spent but time.  My time and my contact’s time were just that – spent and “Gone With The Wind.”  However, the time required to complete this project was going to be more than what was spent.  I decided it was better not to move forward with the project rather than spend more of mine and my contacts time on a project involving a career direction I no longer want to pursue.


It was a sudden decision not to pursue a position in corporate training and I am note exactly sure what it was about the project that triggered it, but I just got this feeling that I need to be content training via my blog.  I was good at training new hires on systems, policies and procedures and was the “go-to” person for training, coaching, and problem solving.  So it just made sense to pursue that avenue.

Well, no more.

Any corporate training needs to be done via guest speaking about widowhood or widowhood and the workplace.

Lessons Learned

#1 – Do not be afraid to let go of a dream.  There is either a new one waiting that you have not discovered yet, or you are already pursuing your dream in a different way.

#2 – While some might see the time spent as a waste, if there was a lesson learned from your experience, the time was well spent.

I have learned and grown from these lessons and will excel in my personal and professional life because of them.

Not Sunk

I do not have a “sunk” feeling but feel very much at peace with my decision.  In some way it has renewed my self-confidence because I feel rejuvenated.  It’s like being given a fresh, new start.

Irish Proverb

“It is a long road that has no turning.”