How To Make A Snow Angel – Rommie Style

We got a little snow over the weekend and Rommie requested I show you how she makes snow angels.  I love seeing her roll in the snow and shaking her legs. She looks so carefree having so much fun all the while ignoring the bitter cold.

Hopefully this puts a smile on your face.

Love, Hugs and Ice Cold Sloppy Wet Kisses to you all.

Michele & Rommie

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Snow Angel – Rommie Style”

  1. Rommie,

    You make me laugh and smile: You warmed my heart. Thank YOU very much!

    Susan : )

    PS: You are so adorable!

    1. Woof, Woof, Hello Susan. Glad I could make you laugh and smile. Bringing a smile to people’s faces and warming their hearts is my mission! Well breakfast is over with so now back to bed. Love Ya! Rommie

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