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A Valentine For Widows (and everyone else too!)

(Author’s Note: is the site I used to put this together and their syncing tool is normally touchy but this time it was darn near impossible to get any syncing done.  Besides when I upload to the blog, it throws the syncing to the song off anyway. )

It’s Here

Well it’s Valentine’s Day – another reminder of how much society is geared towards couples.   (It is not that I want to be married again, but it would be nice to date occasionally.  I am totally into the idea of he having his place, me having mine, we both do our jobs, and then spend some free time together.)

I wanted to do something everyone would enjoy.  So when Rommie decided to chase the Kitty-Kats, I saw an opportunity for a slideshow.

Kitty-Kats Are Played By:

There are 2 Kitty’s one a female black and white (she had babies under my deck about 3 years ago) and the second one is orange (not sure of gender).  In a couple of slides you will see the black and white one towards the upper left while Rommie is barking at the orange one in the lower right.  (Note – you are not actually able to see the orange one but he/she is there.)

The Almost Musical Selection

I toyed with the idea of using Tom Jones’s “What’s New PussyCat” but then I listened to the lyrics and totally in appropriate for widows on Valentine’s Day.

So for those of you who are not part of a couple today, this Valentine was made with you in mind.

If you are part of a couple – great!  You will enjoy the slideshow as well.

Thank you my Valentine’s for reading and watching – enjoy!

(check out the “Welcome To The (Slide)Show” and “Awards and Performance Portfolio pages in the menu’s for additional slideshows.)