Monthly Archives: February 2012

This Week – Think Again

I challenge you this week to think again about your life.

I dare you to be thankful for it.

I suggest you realize life can always be worse.

Just open your eyes and ears and LISTEN to what other people are saying.  Ease drop on conversations at restaurants, at the salon, or the hushed whispers at the library.  You will find out that while you might have it rough right now, you do not have it as rough as other people.

Count your blessings.  Give thanks for your life and all that is happening.

Drop the “Woe Is Me” attitude.

A Tool For Troubled Times

Here is a little verse I came across for times of trouble:

“Christ Jesus, when all is darkness and we feel

our weakness and helplessness, give us the

sense of your presence, your love, and your

strength.  Help us to have perfect trust in your

protecting love and strengthening power, so

that nothing may frighten or worry us, for,

living close to you, we shall see your hand,

your purpose, your will through all things.”

Ignatius Loyola

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