Monthly Archives: February 2012

A Rommie Tale

As I am trying to figure out todays post, Rommie (my golden retriever for those of you new here) wanted to go outside again.  The temperature is 28.6 degrees, so what does she do when she gets outside – she takes her tennis ball and lays down in front of the shed.  She just lies there without a care in the world in the dark 28.6 degree weather.

Me, I am inside with a big mug of warm milk eating 1 or 2 Snickerdoodles from Tastefully Simple.  Inside is the only place to be when the temperature is 28.6 degrees outside.

Rommie finds joy in life – period.

May you have her attitude today and always.



By the way, there is a new picture today at  I uploaded it last week and set it for the normal Tuesday publishing date.  We all know that Tuesday was 2/8  😉

Coming tomorrow: Valentine’s Day Playlist For Widows.