What Widows Want

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” 

Henry James

Yes, widows are human (there are those who think we are aliens) and want appreciation.  We want to be appreciated for what we have been through and the fact that we are still standing.  We’ve taken a punch and gotten back up – just like Rocky.

Getting back up says a lot because I know widows who never get any farther in their grief recovery than day one.  Even 7 years later, they are no better than day one.

Our experience has taught us new lessons (friends abandon you) and reinforced old ones (always kiss me goodnight) and changed our perspective about some lessons (the heck with “goodnight”, just always kiss me.)

So in this “Love Boat” month don’t forget about widows.  Send a card letting them know you appreciate them for getting back up after getting knocked down.