One New Reason Friends Abandon You

While enjoying the company of friends one night, the subject of “friends” abandoning you after your spouse dies came up.   In the conversation someone brought up a 4th reason why this happens.


For those of you new here, let me review the reasons abandonment happens:

1)      They do not know how nor do they want to know how to help you.

2)      The wife feels threatened.  She thinks you are going after her husband next.

3)     If friends are around a widow they may feel as though, they will catch “cooties” and their spouse will die.

The New One

4)     They were already friends with your spouse before you came into the picture and only became friends with you because of him. Now that he is gone, they no longer feel the need to be around you.

Not Right

Now this does not make it right that they stop being friends, but it is just another insight as to why people abandon you.