Life’s Full Of Escalator Speeches

We need escalator speeches for different scenarios besides a job search.


If you blog, you need an escalator speech for your blog.  This should be longer than your tagline but shorter than your 30 second elevator speech.

My name is Michele Kearns and I write the blog “JoyReturns” which is a tool I use to reorient people’s beliefs and perceptions about grief and widowhood by sharing my good, bad and joyous life adventures since becoming a widow.


My name is Michele Kearns and I am the photo-blogger behind OgleOhio.com, a site dedicated to showcasing various scenic, mini-vacation sites through-out the “Buckeye” State.  Every Tuesday I give you a mini-Ohio vacation via one of my photographs.

Your Own Business

My name is Michele Kearns and I am a career coach specializing in helping widows reintegrate themselves back into their jobs so they can perform up to the standards their company requires as quickly as possible.

(That is just an example.  I am not a certified career coach for anyone else, only myself.)


My name is Michele Kearns and I am a volunteer with Golden Retrievers In Need, affectionately known as G.R.I.N.  It is my personal mission to help the organization in any way possible so we can find “forever” homes for displaced goldens.  My current project is securing donations for our annual Golden Gala, which is our biggest fundraiser.

George Clooney (or any other stud you want to hook up with)

My name is Michele Kearns and we should “hook up” because I’m a real woman with real life experiences under my belt and not a stereotypical Hollywood starlet looking to further her career.


I am sure there are other scenarios in life where “escalator speeches” would come in handy.  You just have to apply this technique to the appropriate areas based on your life’s circumstances.