How JoyReturns Helped My Healing Process

My friend Rosalyn is starting a blog and currently is doing preliminary research.  She asked me some questions about setting up and writing a blog.  One of the questions was

“How has writing this blog helped in your own healing process?”

The answer – my identity has been at least partially restored.

Identity Theft

I lost my identity when Joe passed.  I no long knew who I was.  What did I like?  What was my favorite color? What are my hobbies?  It is common for any widow to feel this way after her husband’s passing.   Joe and I were married for 14 years but knew each other for 16 years.  I adapted to watching a lot of TV, especially science fiction.  My life revolved around him, my job, our house and Rommie.  My hobbies of reading, crocheting and photography went by the wayside.

Now I had to find an answer to

…where have you come from, and where are you going?

Genesis 16:8

I knew where I had come from but I had no idea where I was going, what I liked to do, wanted to do, or even should do.  That was just pertaining to my personal identity.  Then 1 year later, I’m headed for the unemployment line.  Now I have to figure out who I am as a professional.

“Meet The New Boss,”

JoyReturns has helped me establish an identity as a blogger.  OgleOhio is helping me establish an identity as a photo-blogger.  Blogging is not anything I would ever have done if it were not for hearing the words “widows website” in my head one morning even before I opened my eyes.

“Same As The Old Boss”

At the bank I was the first person management ask to train new hires.  This training was done one-on-one with the person sitting beside me watching me work and listening to me explain systems, policies and procedures and work with delinquent customers.

Well with JoyReturns I am still doing one-on-one training, just on a different subject and using a different delivery method. 


How blogging about surviving my grief journey and extended unemployment along with photo-blogging are going to help me with my next job, well that remains to be seen.

But this I do know –

The use of this blog in getting my identity at least partially re-established has helped me heal.

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  1. Thanks Michele for helping me understand how your blog has helped you.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story! You give credence to the saying, “When one window closes another one opens”. It’s really up to us to take advantage of that open window. Thanks again!

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