Suprise-It’s Rommie!

Good Monday morning from Rommie.

I felt it was necessary to hack Mom’s computer again because:

  • It has been a long time since my last hack job.
  • I did not get to wish you “Happy Sweetest Day.”
  • Thought you might enjoy a post from someone else.
  • She posted that picture of me last week in her photo post on “Comfort.”

This Picture’s Story

One Monday evening a couple months ago,  Mom came home with all this stuff.  I looked for Grandpa everywhere because I could smell him on this stuff, however he was nowhere.  I was sad and confused. 

So when Mom was not looking, I grabbed this stuffed animal off the dining room table.  It belonged to Grandpa and holding it made me feel better. 

Me & Grandpa's Stuffed Golden

Well Mom’s sorting laundry, so I best go retrieve some dirty clothes from the different piles.   Just when Mom thinks she’s got the laundry done, she finds the pile I made.  😀

Wishing you a week filled with joy and sloppy wet kisses.

Happy Belated Sweetest Day! Hope you had fun.



P.S.  Mom will be back tomorrow.

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