10 Funeral Songs For Movie Fanatics

In doing research for blog posts yesterday, I found a list of suggested funeral songs.  Among the list were numerous movie songs. The list starts with the not so unique to the one I never would consider, although I did have a tough time choosing between the top three.  

The Movie Fanatic’s List of Funeral Songs

Numbers 10 to 4

“The Rose” – Bette Midler – From the movie of the same name.  Love this song.  It is a classic performance by the Divine Miss M. 

“Over The Rainbow” – Judy Garland – From “The Wizard of Oz”.  I never get tired of hearing this song.  Ms. Garland sings it wonderfully.

“My Heart Will Go On” –  Celine Dion – From the movie  “The Titanic” – I will haunt whoever has this song played at my funeral.  I love Celine but this song makes me gag.  “Spoiler alert!” – It still sinks. 

“I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston from “The Bodyguard.”  This was one of Joe’s favorite songs.  It is one of Ms. Houston’s best performances.

“Chariots of Fire” – Vangelis – from the movie of the same name.  I loved this movie and the soundtrack.  I can easily see this being played at a funeral.

“As Time Goes By” – Herman Hupfeld, writer.  From the movie “Casablanca.”  One of my all-time favorite movies.  Although it seems too romantic for a funeral.

“The Ballad of Easy Rider” – Written by Roger McGuinn with input from Bob Dylan and sung by The Byrds.  I only have seen clips of the movie.  It just never appealed to me, but I can see the song being played at a biker’s service. 

Numbers 3, 2 and 1

This is where I had a tough time putting the songs in order.

“The James Bond Theme” – written by Monty Norman.  I love the theme and the “James Bond” movies (that is until Daniel Craig took over the role.), but not so sure about hearing this at funeral. 

“The Pink Panther Theme” – Henry Mancini – From the movie of the same name.  A classic movie theme written by a great composer.  I don’t see it for a funeral unless the deceased loved pink.

“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” – Hugh Montenegro and his orchestra.  From the movie of the same name.  Joe and I watched this movie several times.  Although playing this might leave those attending the funeral to wonder which term applied to the deceased.  His/her family might see the dearly departed as “The Good” but those attending might see him as “The Ugly.”

The Musician’s List

This list is not all inclusive.  I am sure there are many more songs for a movie fanatic’s funeral.  However, it is time we move on to the musicians.  We will explore songs for their funeral tomorrow and I will reveal the source of the playlists.  

See you then and trust me, their list is more…uh…unique.