Emotional Assault

What is this?

All week I have been inundated with personal relationship articles, comments and now a book offer.  My emotions are under assault.

I do not begrudge those who are dating, engaged, and married happiness.  May God bestow countless blessing upon them. 

There are times when a lot of this happy news is too much emotionally and that is normal.  As the years go by, I am sure this type emotional assault will not bother me. 

Facebook & Book

However this week I had to deal with two Facebook updates.  The first one was about a first date and the second one was about an exciting relationship.  Then today an email about a book offer from Blaine Smith of Nehemiah Notes entitled “Marry a Friend, Finding Someone to Marry Who is Truly Right for You.”  The emphasis is on 20 something’s and above discouraged about their search for a mate. 

Blog Post

The best assault example was a guest post on another blog.  It was written by a guy whose long term relationship fell apart and now he was looking forward to all the “firsts” a new relationship would bring.  Such as the first time he would hold hands, the first date, and the first date after the first date. 

However, he then got into describing the more sexually explicit firsts.  They were not extremely graphic but they were more than what I could handle.

No Longer

Had each assault occurred a week apart, I could have handled it.  But all in the same week was too much.

It reminds me of what I do not have anymore.  Especially since as I write this it is the eve of 9/11 and 10 years ago when I went to bed, Joe was there next to me.  I’m not sure I recall a night that we held each other tighter and appreciated each other more.  After all, therefore but for the grace of God go us.