Back To Griefshare

Author’s Note: For any first time visitors, let me bring you up to speed.  My husband Joe passed in March 2008 and Dad in July 2011.

I am attending the Griefshare program at church – again. 

After two years of co-facilitating, I decided to take the summer off. 

Now I am back as a participant.  My grief is not as intense as when Joe passed but it still exists to some degree.  The members are very supportive because we all are on own grief journey and can relate in some ways to each other. 

Other people meet in life do not always understand us, because they have not experienced grief.  Or if they have experienced it, they buried it deep down inside and do not see the need for grief support. Their belief is to pick up the pieces and move on as if the person who died never existed.

Two things made me go back to Griefshare, one is something old and one is something new. 

The Something New


I did not have nightmares when Joe died because I was living one.

The day before the final walk through of Dad’s apartment I woke up 3 times during the night as a result of nightmares.  I do not remember 2 of them but the third one I was in a hospital visiting someone and all of a sudden they were gone.  I could not find them anywhere no matter where I looked.    

There have been a few other nights when nightmares awakened me. 

They must go bye-bye, as there is no room in my life for them.

Now I know being unemployed and facing the end of unemployment in mid-October is not helping the situation. 

So it is back to Griefshare once a week and praying it will somehow help.

The Something Old

Upper back tension

I experience this for some time when Joe died.  It was so painful and unfortunately it is back.  Hopefully working on my mental self in Griefshare will help ease the back tension. 

Thank goodness I still have a balance on the Day Spa gift certificate from my sister-in-law. 

Now if only George Clooney were the masseuse.   😉

I Do

I do believe Griefshare will help me because it helped me before.   

Thank you God for using this program to help grieving people realize their joy will return.