The Finest Compliment

I read a recommendation today about Rosalyn, one of my LinkedIn connections.

In the recommendation the person paid Rosalyn the finest compliment:

“She smiles easily.”

Judging by Rosalyn’s picture, I would have to say that statement is true.  The smile in her picture is so natural looking that I have no doubt smiling comes easily to her.  


Her smile is genuine.  How can I tell?  I look at her eyes.  That is how you tell if any person’s smile is genuine.  Their eyes reveal all.


So what do people say about you? 

Is your smile genuine?

Do you smile easily?

Think about it and if necessary, smile more. 

The more you smile the more natural and genuine it will become.

The World

The world needs more smiles like Rosalyn’s and like yours. 

Please share it. 🙂